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Women and Guns!

beautyqueen.jpgYou see this handsome lady with the automatic weapon to the left? Her name is Kumari Fulbright. She’s a second year law student at the University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!). She is also a former two-time contestant in the Miss Arizona pageant, and recently completed an unpaid internship clerking for a federal judge.

Quite a resume, huh? Well, she’s got a couple of new lines she can now add to that CV: Kidnapping, armed robbery, biting, aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated assault! That should make her very competitive at the spring job fairs, huh?

Apparently, what Ms. Fulbright did is she invited her ex-boyfriend in and jumped in the shower, while three other men (including a former boyfriend) got together and duct taped her 24-year-old ex down, accused him of stealing some jewelry, and threatened to shoot him with pistols. When Fulbright got out of the shower, she allegedly bit her former beau on his forearm, right hand and ear, held a butcher knife to his head, and told him she was going to kill him.

That’s not nice.

The ex-boyfriend did, eventually, mange to free himself, taking a gun and unloading a round (he didn’t hit anyone) before escaping, though the suspects stole his money, his cell phone, and his briefcase. Fulbright is currently free on bond. It’s cool, though — if she has to serve a small sentence, she should be all right. Nobody goes to class their third year anyway.