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Last Second Dirty Tactics


As we may have mentioned, there’s a fierce battle going on between Overlawyered and QuizLaw in voting for the American Bar Association’s Law Blawg Contest. We’d recently taken a decent-sized lead, and hoped for the best over the holidays. However, Overlawyered has stumped for votes on today, of all days, knowing that Seth and I would no doubt be hungover and in no condition to plead our case. It’s dirty politics, I tell you. Dirty politics. Kicking a man while he’s hungover! Party foul! As a result, they’ve closed the gap significantly in the waning hours before votes are no longer accepted.

Voting ends January 2nd, so we make one final plea to our readers: We’d really like to win this contest. Me, probably more than Seth. I don’t know why. So, I’m afraid I have to pull out the last card I own.

You see the picture? This is my son. Cute, isn’t he? He’ll be six months old in 11 days. You see that Lion he is on top of here? It was a very nice gift received from an old friend from law school. He loves it. But, if we don’t win this contest, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take it away from him. My son will be crushed. But Daddy doesn’t like to lose. He hates losing.

Vote for QuizLaw. Do it for a cute kid that loves his lion.

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that kid is six months old? he is a giant! my son is 6 months old and not as big. what do you feed him?

It won't let me vote for you twice...

Ok ok, I've voted. How can I confirm the lion's safety?

Unfortunately, I can't vote twice. Please don't deprive your adorable son of his lion.

Look, if you are going to play dirty pool you have to at least either
a.) find a picture of a kid who looks six months old, or
b.) say that kid in the above photo is 14-15 months old.
from a mother of two, who is still voting for you anyway.

Awww, it's just the camera angle. He really is a tiny thing, still. And I swear he's six months. I was there when he was born and everything. -- DR

Thank you for non threatening that you would be forced to feed him to the lion. I voted again (voted from my office PC earlier).

It looks as though your dirty politics worked (for now). You're up 100 votes or so.

I still can't believe it! And my kids are huge! He can sit up and hold on to the handles with SIX MONTHS? My last kid was still laying on his back trying to look at his nose at that age.

Well, if you look a little closer, you'll see that his mother is actually keeping him in place, and he's not holding on to the handles. His hands are just kind of near them. But, he can sit up! -- DR

I hope that your heart swells with fatherly pride at the fact that I am so incredulous over your obvious baby genius prodigy and that you aren't cussing at the keyboard as we speak! I will now shut up.

It looks like you can vote once in Firefox and once in Internet Explorer. If you were the type of person to do such a thing. Which I may or may not be.

Good tip, I'll hit up my other browser. I finally took a look at Overlawyered and while pleasant, I found it unforgivably lacking in Seth as well as the essential supplemental Dustin. Clearly, not a winner.

p.s. Likelihood of Confusion is on my list of traitors until all the votes are in. That OK?

The vote has been placed, but I want to proof that the lion is safe.

Forget the ABA Top Blawgs, it's time for the 2008 Bloggies!


Everyone nominate QuizLaw for best Topical Blog! (Since the powers that be do not deem "law" an important enough topic to give it its own category.)

Aww, my little sweet petite had the V for Victory on her forehead when she was born too! After about a year, you could only see it when she was hollering. A lady in a supermarket once called it an "angel's kiss." Lexi-Belle is 4 now and it's not noticeable anymore, even when she is hollering (what can I say, she's a redhead, she's 4, and she's got a pair of healthy lungs). Anyway, just wanted to say your son is beautiful, and his picture really took me back!