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You Are All a Part of The Devil’s Family

god_hates_fags.jpgThe Westboro Baptist Church and it’s leader, ass-crazy fuckstick, Fred Phelps, are apparently not content to just lose an $11 million lawsuit to a family that sued after the church picketed outside their son’s funeral. No, the “God Hates F*gs” brigade is back, and now they’re looking to get sued for copyright infringement after putting together a vile, disgusting “remake” of “We Are the World,” titled, “God Hates the World.”

Sample lyrics: “God hates the world, and all her people. You every one face a fiery day for your proud sinning … God Hates the World … and All Her People (That Means You!).” But what’s so depressing about this video — the thing that actually makes me angry to the point of tears — is the number of poor fucking kids spitting out this gibberish. And smiling about it. God damn — what kind of fucked up parents allow this to happen? Check out the last 20 seconds, and find yourself fighting the urge to call child services.

God Hates the World - Watch more free videos

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Jesus Christ!!! I think I'm going to that fiery place they're all singing about!!! Any way this paralegal can find the light before the "big guy" comes?

Okay, I know Westboro Baptist isn't a bastion of logic or anything, and I'm appalled by the entire video...

But what's up with the upside-down Canadian flag? Does this have some meaning that I'm unaware of?

parody = fair use. explain how this is copyright infringement.

I'm pretty sure this is a spoof of that church and not meant to be taken seriously. The whole thing directly contradicts John 3:16.

I think it is meant to be taken seriously. Westboro Baptist Church, in and of itself, contradicts Christianity, not just one Bible verse.

If this is what these people believe, fine. It makes them ignorant, full of hate, and batshit insane, but, fine. I just can't believe that there are people out there who would teach a young child, hardly more than a baby, to spout this kind of evil.

I grew up in Topeka, KS, where these folks are from. I went to school with a few of Fred Phelps grandkids, one of them is in this video. This is completely serious. Strange thing though, those grandkids I knew were completely normal when they weren't picketing.

As far as the upside down Canadian flag... who knows. Try to wrap your head around their Christmas time picket signs exclaiming "Fag Santa."

Maybe a strong hatred towards the maple leaf?

Maybe because Canada is part French?

Also, 10 bucks one of those kids ends up being a massive bathroom toe-tapper in a few more years.

If it weren't for the pathetic spectacle of the little baby hate-machines, I would piss myself laughing. What a sad, dismal collection of left-behind fucks. They're a parody of themselves. Can we send some troopst to Kansas? Al Kay-Ada is here...and he's drooling into his Kraft Cheese & Macaroni watching Judge Judy in his mama's trailer, right this second.


Parody must have something to do with the original songwriter/song. Rewriting lyrics to suit your hate agenda is not parody, unless you are directing your hate at the We Are The World singers. Preferably in a funny manner.

I couldn't bear to listen all the way through so if they made a credible tie-in to the original song somewhere in the middle, I retract this post.

In the first place, none of this, including the involvement of the children, is new. Most of the 90 or so members of the church are members of the Phelps family, and most of those who were not ended up marrying into that family after they joined anyway. It's not a terribly persuasive philosophy, because when you condemn not only gays, but Muslims, Jews, Americans, Canadians, Swedes, American soldiers killed in action (and now the entire world), the main source of new members is naturally going to come from those bred into your family.

Second, the First Amendment protects satire and parody from copyright claims, which is how, for example, MAD magazine is able to get away with publishing humorous versions of the movies and TV shows that they mock. It also protects much comedy in general from accusations of slander or libel. (Think of that fashion designer Blackwell guy's failed lawsuit against Johnny Carson for joking in his monologue that Blackwell allegedly made a joke about Mother Teresa's attire, or Jerry Falwell's failed lawsuit against Larry Flynt for that parody ad alleging that Falwell had an incestuous relationship with his mother.) Under the same principle, the Phelps' song, as disgusting as it is, would probably not be legally actionable.

"Second, the First Amendment protects satire and parody from copyright claims, which is how, for example, MAD magazine is able to get away with publishing humorous versions of the movies and TV shows that they mock."

copywrong's right. Campbell v. Acuff-Rose specifically said parody (mocking an existing work) does not violate copyrights but satire (a general social message unrelated to the song) is not protected because they didn't have to use the song.

I do, however, think that they're safe. They have to jump over the betamax standard demonstrating how crazy-pants Phelp has negatively impacted their sales. I seriously doubt that a year's sales and royalties of we are the world would be worth even one billable hour.

And a Merry Christmas to all.

Christ, that little girl at the end killed me. Her parents ought to be invited to have a nice talk with their friendly neighborhood social worker.

that kid at the end is ugly as hell.

I would rather go to hell any day than Fred Phelps's idea of heaven. I sometimes hope there is a God so one day people like him have to stand before his mighty throne and account for there lives. I would like to see him try,

Okay, the Canadian flag thing was really bothering me, so I finally looked it up.

Apparently, some douche decided Canada Day would be a good time to protest gay marriage by flying the flag upside down as a sign that the country was in distress.


Oh, and to the toe-tapping destiny of their offspring, duh. Tell someone their sexuality is bad often enough, and they wind up closeted with a shame fetish.

Hey Brook

Sorry I'm late in. Your research about the gay marriage protest sure sounds about right; but also, the Phelps' clan problem with Canada goes back years (even before we legalized same-sex marriage) when Canadian Customs blocked Freddy and his gang from coming in to do their thing on Parliament Hill. Our somewhat draconian "hate speech" laws up here means the authorities don't always have to glad-hand hateful demonstration/protest themes.

I can't recall if Phelps et al managed to get into Canada eventually (I think they did)...but it seems from this most recent vid that they're still bitter.

(I'm usually with Chomsky when it comes to speech, but still I couldn't help feeling smug when Customs hassled those poxy freak-bags.)

Thanks, Ranylt.

this reminds me of a documentary called california reich about 1970s neo-nazis in california. scary people, f-ed up kids.
can they give the kids away and do a mass suicide already like any other cult?