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Well England still kinda’ likes us, sorta maybe

giuliani-drag.jpgTurns out that Andrew Sullivan is Rudy Giuliani’s biggest supporter. He was on the “Chris Matthews Show” over the weekend, and gave a wholehearted endorsement, saying quite simply: “Vote for Giuliani!”

Sure, there are a few words that come before that endorsement, but I don’t think they make it anything less than wholehearted:

Rudy, actually, is a little seedy in some of his affairs. And the way he runs things, very much a personal fiefdom; very much, personal loyalty. We know, for example, he won’t fire a priest on his staff who has been very credibly accused of child molestation. Says “he’s one of the finest people I know.” This is a man who trusts his own judgment, rewards his own friends, and keeps his own counsel. Now if you think that Dick Cheney’s been a great Vice President, you’ll love Rudy Giuliani as President.
…He loves a fight, and I think this is a big liability in foreign policy. If you think America needs more enemies; if you think America needs to alienate more countries — Vote for Giuliani!

I dunno, sounds like a hell of a campaign add to me.