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Not Mayor of the Year

mayor-honeypot.jpgThe mayor of Poteet, Texas is quite a guy. Lino Donato pleaded guilty in October to three counts of indecent conduct, after he got busted for exposing himself to two girls and improperly touching one of them. Real winner, that guy. And because Donato is now a registered sex offender, he has to stay over 1,000 feet away from any places where the kids hang out.

Well less than 1,000 fee from Poteet City Hall, you can find a Youth Center, which means that the mayor is prohibited from actually going to City Hall.

And yet, Donato has no intention of resigning before the expiration of his term in May 2009. This despite the fact that he cannot effectively conduct his job — for example, he’s required to attend city council meetings, which he now can’t go to, since they take place in City Hall. A former D.A. notes that this is kind of a problem, and one of the council members says that Donato absolutely should resign. But Donato is apparently a pig headed sumbitch who doesn’t care about what’s good for the city.

I can’t wait to see what kind of reelection campaign he tries to mount. Asshat.

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Is it bad when I go from The Onion to Quizlaw, and the stories seem the same?

We can meet that standard of weirdness in Oklahoma.

Under 21 O.S. ยง 1125 (2007),

A person is prohibited from being within three hundred (300) feet of any elementary, junior high, or high school, licensed child care facility, playground, or park if the person has been convicted of a crime that requires the person to register pursuant to the Sex Offenders Registration Act or the person has been convicted of an offense in another jurisdiction, which offense if committed or attempted in this state, would have been punishable as one or more of the offenses listed in Section 582 of Title 57 of the Oklahoma Statutes and the victim was a child under the age of thirteen (13) years.

The Oklahoma Department of Probation and Parole has its Tulsa headquarters in the upper floors of a state-owned building. The bottom floor houses a licensed child care facility.

Forget (if you can) for a moment what exactly falls under "being" in that statute. Guess who's forbidden under law from visiting probation or parole officers in Oklahoma?