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What Could This Possibly Mean?

picnic1.jpgI’ve heard about people fucking dogs and horses, and even dead deer. But, where’s the gratification in this act?

Art Price, Jr., 40, was arrested March 20 after officials at a school near his home complained that he was engaging in lewd behavior with a picnic table on the deck - and submitted video evidence.

Why would you fornicate with a picnic table? What about the splinters? Or, maybe, the splinters are the point? Hmmm.

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New version of a "woody"? (Can I get sued for a comment that bad?)

What disturbs me is how many times the neighbors taped this...wasn't once enough or were they enjoying it too?

YES!!! A shout-out to my hometown! That was just on the news with the byline, "From peeping tom to picnic table pervert..."

-Not a wooden table

-Think "umbrella hole"

-Why? I'm guessing it has something to do with his porch, which faces the school, which is probably not an accident.

Yes dawn, I agree. That was the truly creepy part of the story.