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When Nora Met Hillary

114624__harry_l.jpgIn a weird turn in the campaign, Hillary Clinton has reached a new low, as she’s now inappropriately pulled out the gender card, saying in comments leaked to The New York Times that she “told aides that she would not be ‘bullied out’ of the White House race and in a conversation with two allies compared her plight to ‘big boys’ trying to bully a woman.”

Well, Hillary, how about this: Nora Ephron — noted female and the screenwriter for the classically dumb, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail and Bewitched — has also asked that Hillary get out of the race. Why? Because Nora can’t stop thinking about her:

But the point is that it doesn’t matter why Hillary lied; what matters is that I’m hooked on Hillary and on the Rorschach process that defines my relationship with her: she does something, I spend far too much time thinking about it, I superimpose my life and my choices onto hers, I decide how I feel about what she’s done, I bore friends witless with my theories, and then, instead of moving on, I’m confronted with yet another episode of her behavior and am forced to devote more hours to developing new theories about her behavior. I don’t have time for this.

And that folks is why Hillary Clinton should drop out of the race, because Nora Ephron appears to have a monster crush on her.