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Well Holbrook Jackson did say “your library is your portrait”

library.jpgLast week I told you about the wonderful Maria Daniels who, with the help of four kids, managed to steal seventeen grand worth of stuff from her local library. Well, to borrow a turn of phrase from Fark, the Library Theft Trifecta is now in play. Out in Colorado, 33-year-old Thomas Pilaar has been arrested for running a very similar scam. The man-with-one-too-many-A’s-in-his-last-name basically did the same thing as Daniels, but without the help of kids - he had seven library cards under different names, and used each card to check out about 300 library items. He then hopped on Craigslist and started selling his stolen goods.

Pilaar hasn’t yet been arrested or charged with this crime, although he was arrested for an unrelated parole violation and is being held without bail while the D.A. investigates this whole thing. You gotta’ applaud Pilaar for his effort, though — Daniels only managed to get $17,000 worth of library good with the help of four other people. All on his own, Pilaar got about $11,000 worth of stuff, so just imagine what he could’ve accomplished with an army of kids.

The highlight of the article, by the way, is when a branch head librarian said: “One day, when he tried to check out 100 (items) or so, we said: ‘That’s probably enough.’” You think?