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Gunga galunga

daliLama.jpgSo China has banned reincarnation. More specifically, in a 14-part regulation, the State Administration for Religious Affairs has said that Buddahs cannot reincarnate without prior governmental approval. This is an attempt to limit the influence of the Dalai Lama, who’s currently living in exile, by essentially saying that he cannot recognize any new Buddhas. In other words, China’s government has “the power to ensure that no new living Buddha can be identified, sounding a possible death knell to a mystical system that dates back at least as far as the 12th century.”

This is definitely a sad step in the ongoing battle between China and Tibet. But it does bring to mind the following clip from Caddyshack, so it’s got that going for it, which is nice:

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In fairness to the Chinese government (ha), Steven Freaking Seagal is recognized as a Buddhist lama reincarnate, so maybe there is some need for the Buddhist hierarchy to run such decisions by the government or some other august body devoted to preventing further douchebaggery in religion.