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Please sir, can I have some more DVDs?

oliverT.jpgAn Ohio woman has been accused of being a modern-day Fagin (the nasty dude from Oliver Twist). Seems that Maria Daniels was using four kids to run a scheme where they stole $17,000 worth of DVDs from a library, which she then sold to line her pockets with good ol’ American greenbacks. Three of the kids were Daniels’ own (aged 5, 9 and 17) and the fourth was a 14-year-old who also lived with her. She and the kids obtained a ton of fake library cards from a Cincinnati public library (and when I say “a ton,” I’m not exaggerating by much — they obtained 22 adult cards and 70 children’s cards). Over a six month period, they “checked out” 837 items on these various cards, and Daniels would then take them all to a store for resale.

She got busted when the store clerk got suspicious and called a branch of the library to look into things.

Daniels was offered a choose-your-own-adventure type of sentence by the judge this week, after pleading guilty to charges of theft and forgery:

[Judge Ethna] Cooper gave Maria Daniels a choice - six months in prison and then probation during which she’ll have to pay almost $17,000 restitution to the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County or two years behind bars.
Daniels’ decision will come Aug. 30 when she is set to return to Cooper’s courtroom.

You gotta figure that a lady who resorted to stealing from the public library has absolutely no means to pay back seventeen grand, meaning she’s gonna have to go with the two-years-in-the-clink route, right? In any event, here’s hoping the prison library has tighter security than the public library.

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...and would you believe they have yet to take the children out of her care?

Also...can you believe that they plan to return these children to her after she serves time in jail for this?