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The important question is, did Picasso lay some serious pipe?

cbldf.jpgProbably because I have a gutter mouth and tend to often say some offensive shit (you should’ve heard the conversation about the Pope and Nazis I started in the office last week), I’ve always been a big proponent of free speech. And having been a big comics fan as a younger lad, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been my charity of choice for a while now. For a couple of years, one of the big cases the CBLDF has been helping defend was down in Rome, Georgia. Gordon Lee, a comic store owner, had been giving away free comics as part of Free Comic Book Day, and among the thousands of comics he was handing out, he accidentally included a copy of Alternative Comics #2. In that comic, there was a story about Picasso meeting Beorges Braque, and Picasso is shown as nude in the scene. (You can see some images at the end of this post, after the jump. Since some folks were pissed off at seeing Ann Coulter’s “tits” last week — and really, who wants to even think of that, let alone see it — I figured you might think Picasso’s little brush is NSFW. If nothing else, QuizLaw is accommodating!)

That comic wound up being given out to a kid, and the kid’s parents complained to the cops. Lee was arrested, despite admitting it was a mistake and offering a public apology, and he was charged with some felonies and several misdemeanors. The trial has been a three-year mess, but it finally came to an end as the court has dismissed all of the charges against Lee.



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Everybody knows that the human body is dirty, dirty, dirty.

Ugh. That poor guy.

I went to college in Rome, GA. And while I met a few really cool people there (in fact, I'm pretty certain my ex-fiance bought comics from Lee), on the whole, this mess does not surprise me.

This is the same town where
-my gay, HIV positive friend was harassed on a daily basis (sometimes they even threw rocks at him- I'm not kidding) and the school administrators/security did nothing about to even try to help him.
- a coworker regularly greeted me with, "Well aren't we lookin' tasty today? Back up & turn around; let me get a look at you!"
- A lesbian couple was forced to find off-campus housing for being... well, lesbians.
-I was threatened with displinary action for being alone with a guy in a campus building (unlocked and supposedly available to the public) after dark.
-A manager at my job regularly hit on me- his best line was, "I ain't never read no book outside of school except the Bible."
-Our school had a list of kids who did not fit the "image" of the institution (guess who was on it? You got it). Any students who were on the list could be kicked out for minor offenses that would earn wrist-slaps for more image-appropriate students.

So, yeah. I feel Gordon Lee's pain. Like I said, I've met some lovely people in Rome, GA and the surrounding areas. But on the whole, I find it one seriously messed up town-seriously, the place is straight out of a Shirley Jackson story.

That's, "did nothing to even try"...argh. See? I'm all fired up.

And forgive the double "seriously" near the end. Sigh.