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The least shocking news you’ll hear all day

mukasey.jpgTurns out that another of President Bush’s Attorney Generals is an obstinate pain in the ass. At least, so says Senator Arlen Specter, the minority leader of the Judiciary Committee. He say that AG Michael Mukasey is unwilling to compromise on anything, from FISA and telecom retroactive immunity to media shield laws to state secrets laws, etc. Spector says he’s entirely unwilling to make any concession on anything.

Of course, we all know the answer to the million dollar question, which is whether a pig-headed stalwart is still better than our old buddy Alberto Gonzales. Spector of course confirms this, noting that “he’s a big improvement” and that “it would be impossible not to be” better than Alberto. True dat. They could’ve confirmed a rock and it would’ve been a better Attorney General than Alberto.

Actually, a rock might be a better Attorney General than Mukasey.

Actually, fuck that — I think The Rock should be our Attorney General. Duane “The Rock” Johnson, bringing you justice whether you want it or not! Word.


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Hells Fucking Yeah.