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Mayor of Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, is Lex Luther


(This post comes compliments of Ranylt Richildis, a writer over on our sister site, Pajiba, and a citizen of Ottawa).

In 2006, the citizens of Ottawa elected a former businessman to the mayoral chair. Larry O’Brien had no municipal experience, but with big bucks, a slick pate, and plenty of greasy pals at the provincial and federal levels of government, who needs know-how?

Allegations of corruption started hounding O’Brien before the ballot boxes were shelved. Terry Kilrea, a right-winger who dropped out of the mayoral race (giving O’Brien the lion’s share of conservative votes) has alleged that O’Brien offered him cash to make room for his opponent. These allegations have snaked all the way up to the federal Conservative Party, which currently holds power.

Things came to a head last December when O’Brien was charged with
“pretending to have influence with the government or a minister, contrary to Section 121(1)(d)(ii), and negotiating an appointment contrary to Section 125(b).” But the terrier-like O’Brien wouldn’t give up his seat and continues to make epic fiscal and PR blunders (here’s a summary —Number 3 is my favorite).

Arrogance, corruption and a thirst for power as bald as his head have earned O’Brien the moniker of “Lex Luther”. His supervillain mania went on full display last week when, after making an ass of himself in an interview about his son’s posting douche comments on a local blog, Luther tried to grab the tape recorder from the CBC reporter. “How do you erase everything I’ve said so far?” he snapped. When the reporter replied “I can’t do that, Mr. Mayor,” Luther took a tantrum and hollered “Oh yeah? Watch me!” and can be heard evicting the reporter from his office. CBC aired the tape. Mockery has ensued.

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Nothing terribly new or shocking given the bullish way the Cons are running the country at present. The only city in Canada that manages to elect even more incompetant douchewads as mayor is Toronto. Case in point...on the brink of a strike by all transit workers which would leave 1.5 million commuters stranded-our David Miller is on vacation and won't return until after the strike as begun throwing the city into chaos.

Who says you Yanks get all the idiot politicos.

He's a real gem! Wow!

What is it with the mayors of nation's capitals? I'm looking you, Marion Barry.

The real Lex Luthor would've gotten the Sens past the first round of the playoffs.

It's shit like this that would have helped me stay in Ottawa, a city where most days, everything shuts down by 6 o'clock.

Is that the Canadian spelling? And by "Canadian," I mean "incorrect."