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After 126 Years of Operation, The Wall Street Journal Discovers Sense of Humor

[Image moved to after the jump, to appease the masses (it’s kinda-sorta-possibly NSFW).]


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NSFW. That is uncool.

no way her boobs are that big in real life.

What the hell, dude? Not cool.

I'm not sure what that article even said, I was too busy staring at her....what was I saying again?

So that's what David Duke looks like with tits.

Considering how poorly Rupert Murdoch is supposed to be responding, I'd say that sense of humor still has yet to develop.

And please, put that behind a cut. It's not that I have a problem with naked breasts, but that unholy image makes my eyes bleed.

I was reading the post above this one when one of my coworkers got offended. I didn't even notice what was below. Not cool!