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Take One Down, Pass it Around …

drunkkids.jpgThe cool thing about posting stories about stupid, anonymous people whose 15 seconds of fame comes via a dumbass arrest is that (or so I like to think) these people come home after a night in the clink and Google themselves, just to see what the world is saying about them. I know it’s a silly thing to assume that most idiot criminals have laptops and wireless access, but it’s fun to imagine.

So, Jeremy Knight and Nicole Rodriquez, you have officially joined the ranks of douchebag parents. Sure, you aren’t as bad as the folks who duct taped their kids while they spent a night out on the town, or the guy who stuck a kid in the dryer for pissing his pants, but — as parents — you ain’t winning no awards, either.

What possessed the two of you to load your tykes up with Benadryl, so that you could spend the evening drinking it up at the local tavern? Is that really model parenting? It’s not enough that you left your kids alone all night, as you downed shots of Jager at Saints and Sinners, but did you really need to drug your children? With Benadryl?

At the very least, you could’ve gone the route of my own parents, who offered up a nice whiskey/sugar cocktail, which went down my eight-year-old gullet warm and smooth. I still don’t know what my folks were doing while I was drunkenly singing 99 bottles of beer, but they probably weren’t having nearly as much fun as I was.

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I have, at least twice, seen parents on airplanes dosing their kids with benadryl, ostensibly so that they will fall asleep. Of course benadryl can also make you hyper - and more to the point, it's MEDICATION and should not be given to children who aren't suffering allergies. ACK.

Oh, calm down. It's not good parenting, but it doesn't stop juvenile mental wards and substance abuse centers from using benadryl to calm down hysterical (possibly nutty) teens.

you don't use benadryl! use robitussin! duh...

As far as I know, many parents use Benadryl in situations like an airplane, providing they know it makes their kids sleep or at least relax. The difference being, the parent is still with their kid.... and not going to drink away life's problems.

my pediatrician recommends preflight use of benadryl in order to help with sinus pressure and potential ear pain in kids to young to 'pop'the pressure on their own.
If you've ever flown when sick with with stuffy nose you know how much pain the change in pressure can cause.
The potential sleepiness in children is merely an incidental benefit.

Do any of you have children with ADHD? Well, I do and no I don't do all the drugs the Dr. tries to give out. But when your child has ADHD and his little motor is racing at 120mph at 3 am Benadryl may just save you and him/her.