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Crazy is as Crazy Does

abdul.jpgTMZ.com has learned that “American Idol” judge and drunken fucktard Paula Abdul has been sued by the production company responsible for producing a show based on her life. Apparently, Pilgrim Films and Television met with Paula in 2004 to discuss a talk show, hosted by Paula, which eventually led to a reality show, “Hey Paula.”

The project, however, fell apart when Paula asked for final editorial control; presumably, she’d wanted to edit out the drunken pratfalls, the accidental upskirts, and the lap dances with Brazilian men. PFT tried to sell the show to Oxygen, nevertheless, but Paula came around and attempted to sell all of the footage to Bravo!, which then announced the show would debut on the network later this year.

The lawsuit asks for comp and punitive damages. Paula, however, maintains that the suit is baseless, remarking “‘Hey Paula’ is based upon my life and my ideas. Last I heard, I still own my own life.” Not to take issue with that characterization, but judging by the interviews she gave last month, the muscle relaxers and the cosmopolitans have owned her life for quite some time.