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QuizLaw Shopping Network

QuizLaw is proud to offer to our home readers, at absolutely no charge to you, an important parental tool. Parents, when you’re going to work for the day, hire a baby sitter. Drop the kids off at your parents. Look into day care. But please, do not duct tape them up for the day. Especially to each other. It’s just uncomfortable.

But I know what you’re saying – “QuizLaw, sometimes I simply have to go the tape route.” Well if you must, you should at least use electrical tape - it hurts much less when coming off. Which is why we’re pleased to offer, for the low low price of only $9.95, QuizLaw Brand Babysitting Tape. Tape your kids to their crib, tape ‘em to a door, tape ‘em in the tub – hell, tape ‘em to a wall.

Go to work secure in the knowledge that your children are under the best non-supervised tape care program money can buy.

Act now, supplies are limited.