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Man Rides a Horse. Then He Rides a Horse.

lion_riding_horse.jpgThose frisky fucking Brits. Last month, a British man was caught with his britches down after making sweet sweet love to a baaaaaaaad sheep. This month: A 60 year old Brit sowed his oats with a horsie. Neeeeeyyyy.

A shocked motorist called cops claiming the perv was performing an indecent act on the animal in a field by a busy dual carriageway.
The man, in his 60s, was arrested on suspicion of bestiality by appalled cops and quizzed in West London.
Yesterday a source said: “He says he is attracted to horses and couldn’t resist it when he saw the animal in the field.

I wonder, while a guy’s riding a horse, if he uses a crop? Cause that’ll piss off those PETA folks.

(H/T Julia)

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Can we talk for a second about that picture? Because it is the most awesome picture I have seen all week...excepting, of course, that one of John McCain.