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Obama Sure is Dreamy

All right, so here’s yet another commercial where John McCain tries to paint Obama as a celebrity, though he was smart enough this time to exclude Paris Hilton. Instead, he seems to be comparing Obama to Justin Timberlake, while all the while mocking his supporters. I mean, is this really the way to win an election? It’s one thing to argue your rival’s lack of experience, but to insinuate that his supporters are dumb, boy-band fans? Not cool. Putting aside the substance of Obama, I thought we could all at least agree that it was great that he got young people involved again, right?

Maybe not. I think McCain is suggesting that, like Obama, anyone under 30 doesn’t have even enough experience to cast a vote. Bitter old bitch.

Oh, and Wayne’s World references? Come on, John. That hasn’t been funny in … never.

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