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Hey! Whats Worse than Rain on Your Wedding Day-ay?

hwang_08_couple-in-rain_big_500.jpgOoooh. Oooooh. I know! I know! Pick me! Pick me!

How about getting arrested for criminal contempt and being jailed without bail? For violating a restraining order. Put out by your bride!

A New York state man has been arrested for getting too close to his bride on their wedding day. Police said Timothy Cole quarreled with a wedding guest at a party Friday after wedding his ex-wife in Batavia.
Officers knew the 45-year-old Cole from previous arrests and realized his bride had an order of protection against him.

Not much of a honeymoon when you can’t get 100 feet from your wife. I mean, unless your hammer is 100 feet and six inches long. And by hammer … Oh fuck it.

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I'm just glad that this happened in a neighboring county...if this had been in the Rochester area, one of these people would probably have been my client.

I say probably, but I mean definitely.

Also, sometimes I hate my job.

"these" are not the hammer.

The Hammer is my penis.