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Kick Me In the Nuts! (Take Two)

kick-in-the-nuts.jpgA couple of months ago, we reported on a Canadian man who would corner strangers in a park and ask them to kick him in the nads as hard as they could, which this guy apparently got his own kick out of. Well, the newest sex craze in North America has now crossed the Atlantic.

David Aston, 32, would lay a towel down to keep his clothes clean then make the youngsters boot him until he could not bear the pain. The court heard of two occasions when married Aston drove girls aged 13 to 15 to woods near Bicester, Oxon, after contacting one online in 2006.
He had oral sex with the 15-year-old both times before two, then three girls kicked him. He drove them home in his Honda Civic, paying two girls £10 and one a bottle of whisky, Oxford Crown Court heard. Cops investigated when he complained one was pestering HIM for sex.