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Rough Sex a Little Too Rough

360341552_7632326c49.jpgHere’s a valuable lesson, folks: Knives, alcohol, and sex don’t mix:

A Winnipeg woman who accidentally plunged a knife into her boyfriend’s chest during a drunken bout of rough sex received a three-year conditional discharge yesterday. “Hospital staff thought he was going to die, he was very close to death,” said Crown attorney Larry Allan, adding the man has fully recovered. Allan said the man and woman had been drinking heavily and were engaged in “rough sex activities” when the man requested she “carve artwork” into his chest.
“He said they engaged in dangerous play, and due to her intoxication, was not precise with the knife and punctured his heart,” Allan said. The man told police the stabbing was an accident and that the two routinely cut and scratched each other with knives. The man showed police several wounds, including a heart-shaped scar on his back featuring the woman’s initials.

Well, at least she wasn’t using a chainsaw.