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Kick Me in the Nuts, Please!

kick-in-the-nuts.jpgA Canadian man was recently sentenced to 60 days of jail time, though it’s hard to detect a crime in his actions, other than the crime of being a complete and total wackjob.

All he did, on seven occasions over a couple of months, was to ask random women in a park if they wouldn’t mind kicking him repeatedly in the testicles.


Because he was curious, of course!

One of the women, afraid of what the man might do if she refused, kicked him repeatedly.
Jarrett Loft, an Oshawa native who moved to Guelph several years ago, thanked her and left on his bike.
Coady said Loft told her he developed a “curiosity” after looking at various pornographic websites. She said she had spoken to a counsellor who assessed the man and believed his conduct was a result of curiosity rather than a mental health issue.

You’re supposed to get curious about astronomy or genealogy — who the hell suddenly becomes curious about how a kick in the junk feels? Man, there’s something wrong with people.

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The crime punishes itself, really.

Represent! Way to go Guelph!

holy shit

i got e-mails warning me about this guy. people were worried it was some weird fetish assault thing. i didn't think it was real.