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Back in My Day…

cell-phone.jpgOk, not to get all “old manish” here, but these NYC parents are ridiculous. The city’s public schools issued a ban, back in 2005, on cell phones. It was part of a revision to the school system’s disciplinary code and the ban was to try to cut down on cheating and in-class distractions. Makes sense.

But some parents were pissed off because this means there’s no instant line of communication between them and their kids. The horror!

So they went to court, and a state judge recently said “shut up and deal,” finding the ban’s positives outweigh any negatives. The parents are planning to appeal this ruling.

I mean, seriously. I know we’ve all gotten used to the instant communication of the modern technology age, but back when I was in school, everyone managed to get along just fine without being able to instantly call the ‘rents at the drop of a dime. Somehow, I think these kids will be just fine too. The parents? I’m not so sure.

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It must be nice to have grown up in an area where you could bike to and from school. My school was 20 miles away, and my parents are very forgetful. Because they wouldn't give me an emergency cell phone, and because my school locked up the payphones at night, I was left at school several times after extracurriculars in a VERY bad neighborhood.

I don't think these kids will have to worry about things like that Kat, as they are still allowed to use their cells after school is done and before it starts. They just can't use them to cheat or distract themselves or other students DURING school. Which makes perfect sense.

Sine I have to confiscate phones on a regular basis, I can say the ban on phones is a good one. My students text and call each other almost constantly.

In some of my classes, I've actually had kids answer their phones and start talking on them in the middle of class. While the teacher is lecturing no less. I completely agree with this ban. Unless you have a legitimate situation where you need to be able to answer your cell phone, there is no reason to have it out or even on in school.