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It’s Voting Time!

obamalama.jpgThe Iowa Caucuses are tomorrow, which means that after 3 years of campaigning, we’re actually going to get to see some freakin’ results. The Iowa Caucus used to be a relatively insignificant election, one that some presidential contenders used to skip all together in favor of putting all their resources into NH, figuring that after the NH vote the following week, everyone will have forgotten about Iowa anyway. And I think that used to be a fairly decent strategy — that is until 2004, when Howard Dean proved just how important the caucus is when he rolled in third, obliterated his nationwide front-runner status, and then basically gave the nomination to John Kerry. You know how the rest went.

Given the relatively tiny number of people who actually caucus, and the amount of money put into the state, I read somewhere that each vote costs the candidates about $17 a piece, about $150 per caucus goer, and almost $500,000 per delegate. That’s unbelievably absurd.

Not that you haven’t heard enough about it, but the latest polls suggest that either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is winning on the Democrat side (with John Edwards in a dead heat), while Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee leads on the GOP side, depending on which poll you check (the polls, of course, came before Huckabee’s Howard-Dean like self-destruction on New Year’s Eve).

At any rate, I’m actually relatively excited about the caucus — I love the heart of election season, if only because it offers up some of the best reality programing on the TV. Seth is in California, and I’m in New York, so by the time our primary elections arrive, the election has usually been decided, despite our delegate-rich states. But, if those undecided voters out in NH and Iowa are looking for an endorsement, I’ll just say that I’m in the Obama camp. I’m awfully tempted to vote for Hillary, if only because it means Bill will be back in the White House, but like I wrote last week, the deciding factor for me was that “The Wire” is Obama’s favorite show, while Hillary claims hers is “American Idol,” which is more pandering than I can stomach.

Best of luck to your candidate(s) of choice.