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The Daily Memo - 1/2/08

check.jpgCambridge and Somerville in the dumb criminal news! A dude gets busted for robbing a Porter Square Dunkin’ Donuts when the cops were able to simply follow his snow tracks. (wickedlocal.com)

check.jpgTee-hee … pole tax. (TheSpec)

check.jpgA brilliant San Diego man called the cops to report that his PS2 had been stolen … along with his weed. (SignOnSanDiego)

check.jpgStealing from a cop car — big balls, or big stupid? (WXYZ)

check.jpgSame old story … flying bra leads two friends to a courtroom face-off. (Toledo Blade)

check.jpgPolice in Columbus, Ohio are employing topless women in their latest attempt to generate arrests. (Overlawyered)

check.jpgBush is yet again trying to show that he’s America’s Emperor. (AP)

check.jpgChief Justice Johnny thinks that the first thing Congress should do in the new session is give him more money. (WSJ Law Blog)