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If you hung him on a wall, his name would be Art

cripple-fight.jpgSamuel Shoemaker is seeking to dismiss the case brought against him for threats he made against a Pennsylvania judge. Last year, Shoemaker was before a county judge, Judge John Driscoll, who ruled against him in a child-support case. Shoemaker didn’t take to the ruling so well, and he threatened to punch and strangle Judge Driscoll.

Shoemaker now says that this was just him blowing off steam and that he totally didn’t mean the threats. More importantly, says Shoemaker, it’s quite clear that he never could’ve carried out the threats because, well, he’s got no legs and only limited use of his arms.

Which is a fair point. But then, one recalls the no-arm-one-leg adventures of Frances Wiley. So it’s not far fetched to think that Shoemaker just might have been handi-capable of giving His Honor an ass kicking.