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It’s Always Funny Until Someone Gets - Wait. He’s Dead?

20070623_101126_bn23manzanares_200.jpgA few months ago, we posted a story about Larry Manzanares, a former Denver city attorney, judge, and Harvard law graduate, who was put on leave last February when a stolen computer was found at his home. The laptop in question actually belonged to a Denver court. At the time, before we had any more details about the case, we mocked the guy for claiming that he bought the computer off a guy in the parking lot a block away from the court house.

Well, after some more investigating, police discovered that, no, the computer was not purchased from a guy in a parking lot. As it turns out, according to The Legal Reader, Manzanares was using a work computer to look at porn. He took the computer home in order to clean up any traces of porn left on the computer before he was caught. That’s when he was nabbed with it. Manzanares was charged with three felonies: embezzlement, theft, and tampering with evidence. And his legal career was pretty much ruined.

But, the story goes from — “ha ha! What a dumbass” — to, “Jesus, that poor goddamn schmo,” really quickly. That’s because, over the weekend, Manzanares shot himself to death while walking under a bridge. He left a wife and kids behind.

And that’s really … well, it’s not funny.

Friends and family members are blaming an overzealous DA and the media for overly sensationalizing the story. “There is not a male over the age of puberty that has not - at some point or another - got into adult videos or that type of thing,” said a friend. And the friend (rightfully, I think) took the district attorney’s office to task for calling a press conference to announce the charges. “Calling a press conference was unnecessary. It was designed really to savage this man. At the end of the day, he’s a public figure who at best committed the transgression of taking an item to which he wasn’t entitled, with the value of $500 or $600.”


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This is such a tragedy. My heart goes out to the family.