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The Daily Memo - 6/25/07

check.jpgDahlia Lithwick and Walter Dellinger have once again started their end-of-term “Breakfast Table” analysis of the Supremes, which includes a great “Constitutional Law for Non-Lawyers” explanation. (Slate)

check.jpgDawnell Leadbetter, who got the RIAA to drop its download case against her, is taking it to them now, by trying to get her attorneys fees paid for by the plaintiff record labels. (Recording Industry vs The People)

check.jpgNew York Governor Eliot Spitzer say that the state’s judges “should know better” than to bring a “frivolous lawsuit” seeking pay raises. (Law.com)

check.jpgLast week, two Congressmen “announced legislation that would finally restore habeas corpus rights to U.S. detainees being imprisoned indefinitely without trial.” (Think Progress)

check.jpgOuch - the new book “Chambermaid” gets trashed as being “an abomination” and an awful book “both artistically and morally.” (PrawfsBlawg via Above the Law)

check.jpgMayor Al Kelley is the bestest mayor ever: “City hall is closed so everybody can have the opportunity to shop [at the new Wal-Mart’s grand opening].” (Montgomery Advertiser)

check.jpg“Hell’s Kitchen’s” Gordon Ramsay has been sued over a new show of his, “Kitchen Nightmares,” with allegations of wrongful termination, lies about rotten food and rigging the show with actors and staged setups. (TV Squad)

check.jpgYou gotta’ love the lawyer who spent $10,000 of his own money, on principle, to fight (and beat!) a $65 parking ticket. (WNBC)