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“Have I got a deal for you!”

compScreen.jpgLarry Manzanares is a city attorney in Denver, Colorado. At the moment, however, he’s on paid leave while a little debacle is investigated. You see, last Friday, a stolen computer was found in his home. And to make matters worse, the computer happens to have been stolen from a Denver court (cops tracked it down to his house via internet traffic).

Manzanares says that he purchased the computer last month - get this - from a dude in a parking lot, a block away from the courthouse.

“It was rather foolish of me to even think about buying a computer from a fellow in a parking lot,” Manzanares said. “But being kind of naive, I bought it. I didn’t have any idea that it was stolen.”

Even if he didn’t know it was stolen, he should be fired and disbarred just for buying a computer from a dude on the street in the first place. I mean, come on!