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Humanity fights on!

robots.jpgWith mere moments left to go in the ABA Journal contest who-ji-whatsit, we’re holding a tight lead on Overlawyered and the Overlawyered robots are none too pleased about it. So they’re seeking “winning tactics that wouldn’t mire us in an embarrassing degree of groveling, nagging, cheating, conniving, etc.” Which is interesting, given that robots can’t feel embarrassment.

In any event, we ain’t going down without a fight. So while I suspect all our regular readers, and then some, have done their part and given their vote (and those crafty ABA folks have set it up so you can only vote once), this here is a call out to those of you who ain’t voted. We don’t know who you are. We don’t have any way to selectively stop entertaining you while continuing to entertain those who did vote. We know winning this thing means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of anything. But don’t think any of that will stop us from trying to hunt you down anyway. Because if you’re not voting for us, that’s essentially the same as voting for the robots.

And if you want the robots to win? Well then, you’re no friend of QuizLaw’s. Or humanity.

So get busy voting or get busy greeting your new robot overlords. And if you won’t do it for the sake of all humanity, how about for the sake of one cute kid and his equally cute lion?