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You’ve Been Wikijacked!

wikipedia-globe-sans-text.pngThis is just awesome: There is some online tool called a WikiScanner that allows one to track the identity of organizations that edit Wikipedia entries. And the results are kind of hilarious. For instance, the CIA has screwed with entries on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Porter Goss, and Oprah Winfrey. Allegedly, the Democratic Party also made changes on Rush Limbaugh’s entry, adding these lovely descriptors: “idiot,” “bigot,” and “racist,” while saying that most of his listeners are “legally retarded” (totally true!).

Moreover, Diebold edited out scurrilous facts about itself, including information that its CEO was a top Bush fundraiser. The New York Times also made changes to the Wall Street Journal’s entry, as well as to Tom Delay’s, calling him a “Grand Dragon” of the Republican party — and it compared George Bush to Captain Kirk (controlled by The Vulcans). The NRA tried to suggest that Iraq was involved in 9/11; Scientologists removed criticism from their Wikipedia entry; and a Steelers hater suggested that Ben Roethlisberger “can go die.”

But, the biggest offender, it seems, was Fox News. No surprise, really. They changed entries on Keith Olbermann, taking out references to Bill O’s loofah fetish and suggested that Olbermann talked shit about Peter Jennings after he died. Fox also changed entries on a few of its own personalities, including Brit Hume, Greta Van Susteren, and Shepard Smith.

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Yep, that program was created by one of my high school classmates. Here's the article: http://slashdot.org/articles/07/08/14/1453223.shtml