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The Daily Memo - 8/16/07

check.jpg“Colorado’s top federal judge was too drunk to remember how he spent more than $3,000 at a strip club in two consecutive days.” (9News)

check.jpgWanna’ find out how it’s decided to try a kid as an adult? (Slate)

check.jpgEx-NBA ref Tim Donaghy has pleaded guilty to two felony charges relating to the rigged NBA games debacle. (CNN)

check.jpgTattoo artist, bad acting and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002? This video has everything! (Professor Bainbridge)

check.jpgJacko is being sued by Bahraini Prince Abdullah. (Defamer)

check.jpgLast week, Apple got a one-two punch of class-action lawsuits — one over credit card receipts and the other over a patent for battery status lights. (Engadget)

check.jpgCould Supreme Court jurisprudence mean that some credit card late fees are unconstitutional? (43(B)log)

check.jpgAre we soon going to see the RIAA sitting on a street corner, hat in hand, with a cardboard sign? (Slashdot)