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The Worst Person in the World

0_61_gibson_john_320.jpgSo, after the previous entry on Fox News screwing with Keith Olbermann’s Wikipedia entry, I stumbled across this video over on YouTube from a couple of nights ago. It’s a segment from Olbermann’s “Countdown” show in which he names Fox’s John Gibson the day’s Worst Person in the World (echo) for suggesting 1) that we need another 9/11 for unity’s sake, and 2) that Jon Stewart’s post-9/11 anguish (as a New Yorker who lived near the WTC) was “phony.” Gibson then mocks Jon Stewart for “whining.” So, that led me to the Gibson radio program, in which he does the mocking, which is at the 1:50 mark in the video below and, if you’re a fan of Stewart, you may jump out of your fucking skin wanting to throttle Gibson for his remarks.

And here is the full Jon Stewart video post 9/11, which is kind of heart wrenching.

glumbert.com - Jon Stewart’s 9/11 commentary

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Man, a person has to be a complete f-ckwad to mock such a sincere expression of emotion. And the really sad part is, if it had came from the mouth of one of his Fox buddies, he would have been lauding it. But he feels it is laughable for no other reason than because he doesn't like the guy who says it.

Fuck you, Gibson.

That is appalling. I always think I'm past being shocked by these people, but I'm proven wrong every day.

I watched this (Stewart) live when it originally aired. As an unemployed college student watching this, I can honestly say that it bothered me then as much as it bothers me now rewatching it. I cried the first time and almost cried the second time. I was told to skip my classes than day by my professor and go home to stay safe. There is not a damn thing in this world that would make want to experience something like that ever again.

Gibson is an absolute asshat of the lowest order. Pond scum is more likable than him. Drug resistant diseases are more likable.