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You people just aren’t paying attention

iGetDrunk.jpgBack in April, we presented Common Sense Lesson #139, which was very simple and very clear: “don’t show up to your DUI hearing drunk.” Well it seems that Adam T. Lundgren, a 42-year-old Montana man either (a) is simply a raging drunk (for shame!) or (b) doesn’t read QuizLaw (for shame!).

Last Monday, at about 5:30 p.m., Lundgren was busted for a DUI. The cops released him post-arrest to the custody of a sober friend, but Lundgren wound up coming back into town, drinking some more, and running into a bridge railing a mere four-and-a-half hours later. The double-drunk was captured by witnesses until the cops rolled up to re-arrest him.

And then the kicker - he posted bail late that night, only to show up to his arraignment the next afternoon, drunk again. Third times the charm! Needless to say, this earned him a quick trip right back to the county pokey, where one assumes he tried to figure out how to ferment the jail toilet water so he could keep his buzz going.