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Common Sense Lesson #139

drunkdonkey.jpgWell the Common Sense Lessons really don’t get any more basic than this - don’t show up to your DUI hearing drunk.

Seriously, people, it’s not a hard one to commit to memory.

It seems that the memory of Paul Zeigler must not be so good, however. He rolled into court on March 26 for a preliminary hearing relating to a DUI charge he picked up last December and sumbitch if he wasn’t drunk. And, you know, since he drove himself to court, the cops tested his blood-alcohol level. It was over the limit and Zeigler wound up getting himself a second DUI charge.

Maybe he’s just working towards completing a whole set of DUI charges!

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I have had more clients than I care to admit that have done this exact same thing. One told the judge to go f&*k himself but it came out all discumbobulated and no one could understand what he was saying. Needless to say he was denied probation

I guess I don't have common sense.It's Fridaay 13 April and I'm thinking about is going to happen on Monday 16 April for my court appearance.