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Would They Have Done the Same If He Were Wearing an American Flag Shirt?

18534218_480X270.jpgSo, this dude who works at a Sam’s in Florida (oh, brother) got reprimanded for wearing a T-shirt with Obama’s face on it.

A Jacksonville man who chose to show his support for the new president by wearing a shirt with President Barack Obama’s picture has found himself in the middle of a T-shirt controversy.
Shane Rhiles said he wore an Obama shirt to work at a Westside Sam’s Club on Monday, but was told by a supervisor to take it off.
“Basically, she said, ‘Take the shirt off or go home,” Rhiles said.
The T-shirt pays tribute to America’s new leader with a simple portrait of Obama. However, Rhiles said something about the shirt got him in hot water at work.
He said a supervisor told him a customer didn’t like it, and she told him to change.
“I was like, ‘Is it that serious?’ She was like, ‘Yes, because we don’t need any problems.’ I was like, ‘Well he’s the 44th president of the United States of America,” Rhiles said.

For the record, there was nothing in the employee handbook prohibiting such T-shirts. And, don’t you think that, once Obama became the President, wearing a shirt with his face on it doesn’t send a partisan message as much as it sends a patriotic message. I mean: He is our President. He’s not just some dude running for office.

If, 7 years ago, a white guy was wearing a T-Shirt with Bush’s face on it, declaring his support for the President during a time of war, would he have received a complaint? Been asked to take off the shirt? It’s not politics. It’s patriotism. Right? This guy is showing support for the fucking President of the United States of America. What the hell is wrong with that?

Of course, if the same guy were wearing a T-shirt with Bush’s face on it, I’d probably fire him. Not because of the political message, but because it shows lack of good judgment. And I wouldn’t want that guy working for me.