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Barack and Michelle: Ouch.

Pay close attention to what this nice, lilly-white woman has to say about Barack and Michelle’s love for each other. Ummm. Methinks she might want to check the Urban Dictionary before she speaks to television audiences.

(Big H/T Deus Ex Malcontent)

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What does she think fisting means? Now I'm curious, what the hell is she refering to here?

When I saw this yesterday, I was laughing so hard, I was in tears!

Popsi, I think she was referring to the (terrorist!) fist bump that there was SO much controversy over a few weeks ago.

She's referencing the infamous "fist bump."

Oooh, in my defense, I am Canadian so I wasn't aware of any fist bump controversy ... though I have no defense for missing the second 'r' in referring.

And that clip is still HI-larious!

According to my friends, I am the most naive and most prudish person they know... and even I knew what that meant. What in the world was this chick thinking?!?!

We all know she meant "feasting" :))