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A Monday Morning Puzzle

elbert-duffy.jpgAs I’m writing this entry on Sunday night, I’m watching the documentary Wordplay, about crossword puzzles. With apologies to Will Shortz for using a rather rudimentary puzzle form, let’s play fill-in-the-blank with this story about Elbert Duffy (the man with the finely coiffured hair looking at you from over there):

A month after he was thrown out of the city’s homeless shelter for having “sexual relations with __________________,” police say Elbert Duffy “taunted members of the public and police” at his new residence, the Brewster Street Rooming House.
Duffy, 45, is scheduled to appear in Portsmouth District Court Monday on a violation-level charge of disorderly conduct and a class A misdemeanor count of resisting arrest.

Go head, take some guesses. His wife? A homeless woman? A homeless man? Two homeless men? His dog? Somebody else’s dog? The homeless shelter’s owner? A cop?

No, no and no some more.

However, if you said “a Raggedy Ann doll,” you’re a true puzzle master!

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Can't we just talk about WordPlay instead? For instance, that really creepy woman who won the annual crossword championship and complained about how difficult it was to keep a boyfriend around and then told the camera that when she got into arguments with her ex-boyfriend she would say "well what are YOU best at the world at then???"

You know Seth not all of us have your indelible charm and rapist wit.

I hope Andy kicked his ass.