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With hair like that, can you afford not to vote for him?

k-r-judd.jpgGood news Idahoians! (Idaho-ites? Idahoo-has?). If you’re a Democrat, and you’re not liking your limited options for the May 27 primary, we’ll I’ve got just the thing for you. Whatever with all this Barack and Hillary business — you can go another way. You can put your one-(wo)man-one-vote behind Keith Russell Judd, who would like your support in his run for President.

That’s right folks, this proud resident of Beumont, Texas would like to be your President. And he’s got experience — he ran on the ballot in 2004 too! As for the fact that Judd is a prisoner serving a 14-year sentence for making threats, well, whatever what that. Who in D.C. isn’t a criminal, know what I mean?

…So, uhm, yeah. Seems that Judd totally scammed Idaho and got his name on the ballot (he tried to get on several other state ballots, but this was his only success). Definite egg on Idaho’s face, although officials are quick to point out that votes won’t get him delegates, because the state doles them out at at caucuses. But still, way to go Idaho!