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It’s Because Scranton is Biased. And Racist!

scranton_pa.jpgWhat a load of horseshit:

Colin Saltry and Joey Daniel say they skipped gym class on Monday to rush over to a diner where Sen. Barack Obama’s motorcade had just pulled in for an impromptu breakfast stop.
The two met Obama, and they say he even signed excuse slips for them to show their teachers. That didn’t work. Saltry and Daniel got one-day suspensions for leaving school grounds, and Saltry has been ordered to resign as senior class president.
Saltry says it was worth being suspended to meet Obama, but he didn’t expect to be bounced from his class presidency.

You know the real reason why they were suspended, don’t you? Because Scranton is pro-Clinton. Remember this video, from The Scranton High School Choir. It will make your ears bleed purple:

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Who the heck doesn't skip gym class at least once or twice in high school? At least they had a good geeky excuse. I used to skip study hall to hang out with the AP Physics class. Awesome.

Suspended, ok, maybe, but ordered to resign as class president? What? That seems extreme for skipping one gym class.

Our Class President was arrested for transporting and possibly supplying alcohol to minors. He wasn't forced to resign. Scranton you let me down.

I heard from fellow Obama volunteers that the racism encountered on the campgaign trail in Scranton was FAR FAR worse than anywhere theyd volunteered in the deep south.

No wonder Obama lost in Penn. If his volunteers were running around screaming racism in people's faces, it would turn anyone off.