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*whisper* you’re going the wrong way

ribisi-ralph.jpgDown in Georgia, Harry Jackson was recently busted trying to sneak into jail:

Camden County Sheriff Tommy Gregory says Harry Jackson had broken out of the jail, strolled to a nearby convenience store where he broke in and stole 14 packs of cigarettes!
Gregory said authorities at first thought they had separate incidents - a jailbreak and a burglary.
The jailbreak was discovered when a door that had been secure earlier was found unlocked.

I love that this took place in Camden County, because this immediately brings to mind “My Name is Earl” (“hey Crabman”), which results in me picturing Harry Jackson as Giovanni Ribisi’s Ralph.

I also love the article’s last line:

The jail is supposed to be a smoke-free environment.

So does that mean that Jackson is also going to get hit with some new charge for breaking the jail’s no-smoking rules. That’s some bullshit.