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Georgia - the new Florida?

HomeToiletImage2-thumb.jpgFirst, there was the guy who broke back into jail. Now, there’s Snellville City Councilman Robert Jenkins. Seems that the local mayor is trying to clean up the area, so he urged code enforcers to tell the Councilman that he had to clean up his property. Because Councilman Jenkins had, among other things, a broken-down car, trash, and an old toilet sitting around on his property.

A month later, Councilman Jenkins got the last laugh:

He couldn’t part with the toilet, which he said was in good shape. Instead he turned it into a planter, spreading rocks around the porcelain base and planting a tulip bulb, two bunches of daffodils and two iris plants.
Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer chuckled when he heard about it, saying he’s glad Jenkins cleaned up his act.
Jenkins says his proud of his potted potty. He says it’s his contribution to folk art, adding and that he loves to see things grow.

He couldn’t part with the toilet? If it was in such good shape, why the hell was it on his lawn? I’m so confused.

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mmmmmm...toilet flowers.

No, no, no-- Georgia is not the new Florida!

But glad we could share a scandal with you. And here's a pic of the actual toilet: http://www.ajc.com/gwinnett/content/metro/gwinnett/stories/2009/03/04/snellville_yard_toilet.html

I'm confused - are people actually surprised by this? I've definitely witnessed at least two front yard toilets during my time in western New York.

If you want to see toilets in the yard, this couple put tons in their yard because they could't put up a fence