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Are you having a laugh?

are-you-having-a-laugh.jpgBritish traffic officers have no sense of humor (or “humour,” if you will:

Gary Saunders, a company director, was using a hands-free phone when he burst out laughing at a joke told by his brother-in-law, who he was talking to.
A few moments later he noticed a traffic officer flashing his lights at him and gesticulating at him to stop his Renault.
When Mr Saunders got out of his car, the policeman told him: “Laughing while driving a car can be an offence.”
The officer spent half an hour questioning his suspect before reluctantly allowing him to carry on his way.

Even better, despite the fact that Saunders did nothing wrong, the cop made him go to the station, where he was forced to waste another hour-and-a-half going over his license and other documents.

Saunders found the whole ordeal somewhat less funny than the joke his brother-in-law initially told him:

“I definitely wasn’t speeding so I asked what the problem was and he told me I was laughing too much.”
He went on: “The officer accused me of throwing my head back in a dangerous way, which I denied since it is definitely not something I do.
“It became a bit ridiculous when he wanted to know the colour of my hair as I have alopecia and there isn’t a hair on my head.
“When I pointed this out he asked: ‘What colour was your hair when you had some?’”

Pulling a dude over for laughing? Ridiculous. Asking a bald dude about the days when he used to have hair? That’s just mean.

(Hat tip to Elizabeth)

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HAHAHAHAHAhahaha- oh crap, the fuzz.

I was pulled over for KIDNAPPING because my passenger was gesticulating with both hands during a conversation we were having, and a police car heading in the opposite direction thought she was waving for help ... I guess, better safe than sorry, but if I was actually kidnapping someone I sure wouldn't let her sit in the front seat with her hands free!

My friend got the swat team called to his house one time because he 'kidnapped' his girlfriend. Actually he blindfolded her to take her somewhere as a surprise on their anniversary, but someone called the cops about a chick that was bound and gagged in a bright yellow Camaro. They get back to the house and there are several dudes in Hawaiian shirts and machine guns in their lawn talking to her parents. Luckily they had a sense of humor though, as they weren't British. Also, my friend insists that one of them was stoned.

One of those guy's eyebrows just fell into the bowl of candy beans.

Swoon, Lisa. Swoon.

That guy's an alpaca?

And he'd better buy us a new bowl of candy beans!

hawaiian shirts and machine guns? i take it they weren't undercover.

Great Britain...If the officer dropped the word "bobby" I would have thrown my head back and laughed.

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