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Leave The Girl Alone

Am I the only one that gets frightfully squeamish when Chelsea is asked about the Lewinsky scandal? She handles herself extremely well (and the woman is 47 times more likable than her mother), but I still can’t bring myself to watch straight on — I click play and walk away from my desk, thinking it’ll be less painful from across the room.

I know the girl is nearly 30 and can handle herself, but man: What kind of douchebags ask these questions?

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Exactly right. Then said douchebag gets to go on talking head TV to defend his question, smirking. I cannot wait till his 15 minutes are up.

I only wish she were able to say to the guy, Go fuck a picnic table.

Leave Chelsea aloooooooonnnnnne!

She is swiftly becoming the only Clinton I still like. And I will totally vote for her when she runs for prez.

I think Chelsea is great and I admire her support of her parents. I wish she were running instead of her moms!