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What’s Up with All the Public Masturbation

CollegeHall.jpgYesterday, a college basketball player was caught masturbating in a library, and today, a college football player at UMass was caught masturbating on the street:

A University of Massachusetts football player is now facing charges of open and gross lewdness following an incident reported near Smith College last Tuesday.
Northampton police arrested Belchertown resident and UMass junior sociology major Spencer Sinclair Ridenhour, 22, after a female jogger reported seeing a man staring at her and masturbating from a parked car on Elm Street.
According to police, the woman claimed she approached the man because she thought he needed assistance, and that he exposed himself before driving away.

I gotta say, though, that the man is barking up the wrong sexual orientation if he’s hanging out at Smith College. Those women are fierce, too — he’s lucky she didn’t walk by and yank the motherfucker off.