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What’s in a name?

quizlaw-baby.jpgLast month, I put the QuizLaw Challenge out into the world, looking for some citations to QuizLaw in law review articles or, even better, in a published judicial opinion. Well that still stands, but I can’t believe I didn’t think of this when I was putting that challenge together.

What About Clients is this little blog that I stumbled upon over the weekend. Turns out, it’s a fellow ABA Journal Blawg 100 winner, as the Best All Business Blog. It’s a pretty interesting blog, but I’m particularly intrigued by this post from back in January:

QuizLaw is original, gutsy and fun.
Non-dweeb lawyers from New York and California write it. Dang. We’re naming our next son after it: QuizLaw Pennington Oliver. “We’re very proud of Quiz’. After Dartmouth, he’ll spend a year at the Sorbonne.”

Holy shit. Naming a kid QuizLaw? That’s amazing.

Dustin, why in the hell is your son not called QuizLaw? That’s some serious bullshit right there.

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Wait -- we're not dweebs?

Yeah, that threw me for a loop too.


Totally kidding.

We can take it back. On a second look, we could revise to insular semiliterate Gen-X dweebs.