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The QuizLaw Challenge!

wayne-law-review.jpgFrom the good folks over at Concurring Opinions, I’ve come to learn that the even better folks over at the Volokh Conspiracy and Balkinization are finding their blogs getting cited by law review and journal articles in an increasing amount with each passing year. In 2007, Volokh got cited 43 times, while Balkinization got cited 49 times (and Concurring Opinions had 28 of their own).

And QuizLaw?

A big fat mother fucking donut. Not one god damn citation to QuizLaw, ever!

I mean, sure, we may not get all serious-like all that often, and there’s probably not a huge call for citing to some snarky article about a stupid Florida criminal, but whatever with all that — I wants me a QuizLaw citation.

So consider this an open call to the vast number of legal scholars who read this site … or, more realistically, to the law school students with a good sense of humor who also happen to be working on notes which may soon be published. Throw the old QuizLaw crew a bone, would you? One citation, that’s all I’m asking for. Hell, the very first citation in my own Law Review note was to a quote from “The Simpsons.” …Could be that’s why my note wasn’t published, but whatever with that.

So if QuizLaw eventually shows up as a published citation in a Law Review or Journal article, the author responsible for such goodness will get some as-yet-to-be determined prize. But it’ll be big and fat. However, this is actually the dirty step-child of the true QuizLaw Challenge, ‘cause I like to dream big.

Here’s the real QuizLaw Challenge — if you happen to be reading this and you’re a judge, well let’s just say reference to QuizLaw in a published opinion would get you an even bigger, fatter prize (if we’re allowed to do so ethically — if not, I dunno, we’ll make a donation to your favorite charity or something heartwarming like that).

So that’s it — ball’s in your court fine readers. You got us voted the rooty-tooty-best-and-fruitiest Generally Speaking blog the ABA done ever seen, now let’s see if one of you can get us some citation love.

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Well, NOW you tell me! Sorry boys, I'm on my way out.

Even with the donation, Im pretty sure the judge couldn't do it...maybe even more so now that you bribed them.