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A very quick rant

evolution2.jpgApparently, Florida state senator Ronda Storms doesn’t think people in her state are stupid enough. So she wants to make the next generation of Floridians stupider. How so? By allowing science teachers to “objectively” teach intelligent design.

No, I’m not even pretending to be unbiased on this shit. Those behind intelligent design don’t hide their bias, so why should I?

Intelligent design is fucking mythology, not science.

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I saw this earlier on Slashdot and it made my blood boil. I started to twitch uncontrollably and spent the rest of the morning muttering about "evidence" and "logical" theory.

Only in Florida.

Unfortunately for Florida residents, we're no strangers to Rhonda Storms' crusades. In her too-long stint as county commissioner in Hillsborough (Tampa Bay area), she proposed (and managed to get passed) a bill that eliminated funding to Planned Parenthood. She also reacted to a book display at a county library, honoring LGBT authors, proposing a bill that prohibited the county from participating in (and "acknowledging") any events that promote gay pride. I remember when this happened, and it caused quite a stir in the area, but yet she still managed to get herself elected to the state senate.

Most recently, she's been in our local papers as the brains behind a proposed tax on adult entertainment venues, with the money going to help elderly people who need income supplements. So the next time you stick a dollar bill in a stripper's g-string, a percentage of it is going to help Grandpa buy his monthly meds. (Not that I'm against helping the elderly, but seriously?)

I have to say, she might just be beating out Anne Coulter on my hate-o-meter.