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What a Loser

loser.gifYou’d expect to see the following lawsuit funnel through the U.S. court system, but Amsterdam? The Netherlands? They’re so reasonable and hi-iiigh minded. Still, a Dutch woman has filed one of the most absurd lawsuits I’ve ever heard about. She sued her country, arguing that she suffered emotional distress over having not won the lottery.

And if you think that’s bizarre, get this: She didn’t even enter. Her neighbors did.

Like everything else in that heathenistic country, the national lottery is screwy, too. Apparently, it works like this: Random zip codes are chosen, and anyone within the zip code who entered the lottery shares the winnings. In this case, the woman who sued, Helene de Gier, lived in a very small town where only seven inhabitants entered the lottery. When their zip code was chosen, those seven neighbors won about $18.6 million apiece.

De Gier filed suit, claiming that the media firestorm that erupted in her small town was an invasion of her privacy (can you imagine the questions? “So, Mrs. de Gier — I bet you feel like a giant jackass, eh?”), and apparently her neighbors even taunted her, including one who had the audacity to buy a Porsche with his winnings and ostentatiously park it in front of his house (gasp!).

My favorite part, however, is that de Gier says that the real distress comes whenever she has to write her zip code, which serves as a huge reminder of what a huge honkin’ loser she is. The thought of the next lottery, she said, was “like a noose around my neck being tightened.”

Anyway, a district court judge rejected the claim. Because he’s not insane.

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You sure this isn't a suit outta Florida?

Nope, if it was a Florida suit it wouldn't have been thrown out. :)

I'm Dutch, so I can confirm this story as completely true. One of her arguments was that the lottery uses fear appeal in their advertisings to win ("what if your neighbours win and you didn't enter?"). The judge argued that the fact that she didn't enter proved that she was able to withstand that fear. The fact that she was confronted with her neighbours newfound wealth was inherent in living in a small community. Love that judge.
I've heard this woman on the radio, she really is quite crazy (and needless to say, starving for attention.)